General settings

After creating a new organization in JobTread, one of the first things to do is configure your organization's settings. To begin, click Settings in the bottom left of your screen. This defaults to the General tab, where you can upload your company logo and also customize some of the terms used within JobTread to better fit your business needs.

First, upload your company logo. You can provide any standard image type and JobTread will automatically size the logo to fit. This logo appears on your company documents (i.e. customer orders). Note: avoid using a logo with white text and a transparent background because the document background color is white.

Next, click Edit in the top right of the page. Update the minimum record number. If you'd like system-generated number for jobs to start at something other than 1, update the starting number here.  You can also establish the number of digits in your record numbers, by setting the minimum record number to a number with the same number of digits.  For example, starting at 1000 will result in four digit numbering until 9999 is reached, then it will go to 10000.

Now determine what you'd like to call your cost documents. As you're aware, terminology isn't consistent across the construction industry. While some contractors refer to customer orders as a "proposal," others call them "estimates." Instead of making the decision for you and potentially upsetting half the industry, we've given you the power to customize your own cost document names. Check the list below for an explanation of each cost document type. Note: you can assign more than one name to a cost document. The first on your list will act as the default but you can switch between them, if desired. This is especially helpful in the case of change orders.

Bid request
Request for suppliers or subcontractors to provide a bid on a portion of your job. Learn more.

Examples: Bid request, Price request, Cost assessment

Customer order
Work agreement sent to customer with terms and scope of work. Learn more.

Examples: Estimate, Proposal, Quote, Contract, Change order

Vendor order
Agreement with suppliers and/or contractors to provide material or service based on agreed upon terms. Learn more.

Examples: Purchase order, Service order, Work order, Awarded contract, Change order

Customer invoice
Request to customer for payment on all or a portion of your job. Learn more.

Examples: Invoice, Progress invoice, Payment request

Vendor bill
Request to customer for payment on all or a portion of your job. Learn more.

Examples: Bill, Progress bill

In addition to these customizations, it's important to browse each tab within your org's settings to ensure you're probably set up before you begin logging jobs. Most notably, it's important to visit the Job Costing and Custom Fields tabs, as these determine how you'd like to format your budgets and what additional information you'd like to track, respectively.

Check back - more information coming soon.
ActivityAll actions taken in your organization.
Update your billing credit card.
Members of your JobTread organization.
Job costing
Customize the units of measurement, cost types, and cost codes your company would like to use in budgeting.
Custom fields
Custom fields your company tracks for various items like customers, vendors, jobs, and more.