Custom fields

JobTread provides you the customization tools to ensure you're recording and tracking the data that's necessary to keep business booming. "Custom fields" are a term used to describe the extra set of data you're able to track across the site. Whether you want to log a customer's birthday or if you want to track vendor COIs, it's possible within JobTread.

Customize these fields through the Settings option along the lefthand toolbar and select the Custom Fields tab. Observe the list below for the list of objects where custom fields can be added.

Examples: Customer type, Company or individual, Website, Notes
Customer contacts
Examples: Cell phone, Work phone, Email, Notes
Examples: Description, Website, 1099 status, Payment terms, W-9 information, Certificate of insurance, Office phone, License #, Credit limit, Notes
Vendor contacts
Examples: Phone, Email
Examples: Primary phone, Business hours, Website, Restrictions, Construction hours
Examples: Status, Job type, Start date, End date, Pricing, Job rate, Customer PO#
Cost items

Examples: Notes, Distributor, Coupon codes

If you decide to add a new custom field to any one of these objects, click + New Custom Field on the right side of the page. This will generate a pop-up that asks for you to choose a "type," along with a name and a few other settings.

The "type" selection is asking you for the expected response. This is important because it determines some behind the scenes work - like format requirements or displaying an email address as a clickable link that opens in your mail app. View the list below for a breakdown of each custom field type.


Creates a hyperlink to open address in Google maps.

Provides a date picker, as well as autocomplete for typing dates.
Date and time
Provides a date picker, as well as autocomplete.
Email address
Creates a hyperlink that opens a new mail window.
Creates a number field.
Phone number
Creates a phone number hyperlink for easy click-to-dial.
Creates a dropdown from a list of options.
Create a simple text field.
Provides a time picker.
Creates hyperlinks to open website URLs.
Yes or no
Creates a simple selector to indicate yes or no. "Yes" will display a green checkmark and "No" displays a red X.

In addition to the type, determine if you want to allow multiple values, if it should be required, and if you want to set a default value. Finish by clicking Create custom field. The field you just added can now be seen throughout the application where applicable. For example, if you added a "website" field to customers, you'll be able to enter a website URL when adding new customers or editing existing ones.