Build your catalog

One big advantage JobTread provides is the ability to budget and create well-designed proposals faster with improved accuracy and professionalism. This starts in the JobTread Catalog. 

Your catalog is a place for you to store repeating costs. From project to project, you often have similar expenses or at the very least, similar categories of expenses. These repeating expenses would be listed as cost items in your catalog and these categories would be your groups. Groups allow you to organize cost items and make budget building faster because you can include a group in your budget instead of pulling each item one by one.

Let's take a real life example. If you're in a highly specific trade, like drywall, your labor and materials are going to be relatively consistent from job to job. Other professions like general contracting include a larger array of materials and subcontractor assistance which may more result in a more robust catalog of costs. Here's a snippet of how each of these contractors may choose to set up their catalog. Cost groups are bolded.

Drywall Contractor General Contractor
Drywall panels
Drywall screws
Tape - paper
Tape - mesh
Corner bead - plastic
Corner bead - steel
Corner bead - steel w/ paper face
Joint compound - all purpose
Joint compound - easy sand 20
Joint compound - easy sand 45

Given this example, it's clear that there isn't a one-size fits all approach to building out your catalog. Even within a certain industry, we expect catalogs to differ vastly from company to company depending on their way of doing business. When you've given this some thought and you're ready to populate your catalog, click Catalog along the lefthand toolbar and start building! Note: one-off items can be added into a budget at any time. The catalog is simple a way to expedite the budget building process.

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