Add a new customer

JobTread makes it simple to keep track of your customers, along with associated contacts and locations. No more are the days of sifting through old emails or even worse, stacks of papers from several years back. JobTread removes the guesswork by tying all jobs to specific customers, contacts, and locations. 

Note: It's helpful to define the custom fields you'd like to track before adding customers. Doing this ahead of time will allow you to enter all the information you want to track about a customer information in one fell swoop.

Access your customer list via Customers on the lefthand toolbar. This list is sorted alphabetically but you can easily locate a customer by searching at the top of the table. To add a new customer to this list, locate the + New Customer button in the top right.

Enter the name (i.e. Academy Sports or Jones Household), if they are taxable, and any other custom fields you've defined in Settings. Submit the form to add the customer to your directory. Note: Sales tax should only be disabled for customers that should never be charged sales tax (i.e. non-profits). At the job level, sales tax can still be enabled or disabled per item added to the budget.

Click on the name of a customer to view their full details. Click Edit in the top right of the page if you need to make any changes. In addition to details, you're provided a series of tabs that allow you to do things like add contacts and locations. See the table below for an explanation of each. 

ContactsContacts associated with the customer. Set a primary contact and enter as many other contacts as you'd like.
FilesUpload an internal set of files that apply to the customer.
LocationsLocations for the customer. Homeowners often only have one physical address but businesses have many, allowing you to keep all relevant information across all locations in one place.
JobsJobs performed for the customer you're viewing.