Add new vendors

Vendors in JobTread represent all your vendors, suppliers, and subcontractors that you pay for materials, labor, and any other job costs. Vendor accounts are similar to customer accounts because you can have one or many Contacts, Locations, and Files. Select Vendors from the lefthand toolbar to view your existing vendors, then click + New VendorĀ in the top right of the table to add a new vendor to the list.

Enter the vendor's name and complete any other custom fields. After adding the vendor, select it from the list to view the full details. Here you'll find the vendor's basic details, as well as access to their contacts, files, and locations.

ContactsContacts associated with the vendor. Set a primary contact and enter as many other contacts as you'd like.
FilesUpload an internal set of files that apply to the vendor (i.e. price sheets).
LocationsLocations of the vendor.