Create a new job

After you've configured your org's settings and have added customers and vendors, you're ready to use JobTread! There are a number of places you can go to create a new job but the easiest is from the Jobs tab along the lefthand toolbar. This is the master list of all jobs created in your organization, sorted chronologically from newest to oldest. Click + New Job in the top right of the table to begin. Note: If your new job is similar to an old one, copy the old job to save time.

Click into the Customer field to see a dropdown of existing customers or start typing to search for the customer. If the customer does not exist, you'll see the option to Create a new customer with the name you entered. Select this option (or hit enter on your keyboard) and follow the form. Since jobs must have a location, you will also be prompted to enter the location information and can optionally add a primary contact. Next, enter a job description, complete any custom fields, and click Create Job.

Note: if the job is for an existing customer, select their name from the customer list and it will auto-populate the primary location. Click the location dropdown to select a different location or enter a new one.

Creating a new job will land you on the job dashboard. This is your landing page where you can see most recent events that have taken place, along with the job's details. You'll notice three other tabs at the top of the page: Budget, Financials, and Files. Budget is where you can start building out the job scope and estimate, and eventually submit customer and vendor orders. Financials provides your list of customer and vendor documents, as well as a high level overview of the job financials. Files is where can store all images, videos, PDFs, and other file types associated with the job.