Bid requests

As you're building a budget, you may have unknown costs or certain costs where you need more clarity. Bid requests are a great way to collect this information from vendors, suppliers, or subcontractors. To create a new bid request, select a job, click + New in the top right of the page, and select Bid Request. Note: If you prefer a different term than "bid requests," you can make this change within your organization settings.

Select the vendor for your bid request. Choosing a vendor will auto-copy the primary contact's details into the form but this can be changed. Submit the form and this will bring you to the document builder. Note: If you do not see the vendor, make sure they've been added to your vendor directory.

Select which budget items you'd like to include on the bid request. If you do not select a budget item, it will be hidden from the vendor. This allows you to ask vendors for bids on a subsection of your project, if not the whole. Click Create at the bottom of the page to generate a draft of your bid request.

Each section in this document is editable. The changes you make are specific to the document and will not be applied elsewhere. For example, if you click on a line item and adjust the description, this will only impact the document that you're editing - it will not be copied back to the budget. This allows you to tailor your documents to specific vendors.

If you'd like to write out a longer explanation about the scope of work, or maybe clarify the details of individual line items, simply click on those sections and make your desired changes. Note: prices are blank on bid requests because it's assumed the vendor will provide this information to you. We leave you the ability to enter the amounts as well in case you want to log bids that have been made offline or bids you've been provided in the past.

Each section 

When you submit a bid request, it will enter "draft" mode but still can be edited until sent to the vendor. As soon as your bid request is created, you'll notice it appear on the budget in the Bid Requests view in the line item to which the bid request applies. The status of bid requests can be viewed from the budget to get a quick idea of what bids you're still waiting on.

When you're ready to send the bid request to the vendor, click Send to Vendor on the righthand toolbar. This will send your bid request as a branded PDF to the vendor at the email listed under "Prepared for." This will also move the request to "pending." Note: you can bypass sending an email if you click Mark as pending.

When you get a bid back from the vendor, go to the bid request and click Mark as received. You'll be asked to provide a reason - this can be a short comment about how the bid was received (i.e. approved via email). This action is identifying the bid has been received but it doesn't necessarily award work to this contractor, as you may receive several bids. Collecting bids is information gathering. When you have the necessary information and decide which bid to go with, update the cost of the line items they will be working on to accurately reflect the agreed upon price.