Vendor orders

Once you've built your estimates and have come to an agreement with the customer, it's time to start the work! Use vendors orders to send purchase or work orders to suppliers and subcontractors. To begin, navigate to the job, select the Vendor Orders tab, and click New Vendor Order in the top right of the page. You can also generate new vendor orders from existing bid requests if you go to the bid request and click + New vendor order on the righthand toolbar. Note: If you prefer a different term than "vendor orders," like purchase orders or work orders, you can make this change within your org's settings.

Select the vendor for the order. Choosing a vendor will auto-copy the primary contact's details into the form but this can be changed. Submit the form and this will bring you to the order builder. Note: if you do not see the vendor, make sure they've been added to your vendor directory.

Select the items you'd like to include on the order. If you do not select a budget item, it will be hidden from the vendor. This allows you to send orders for a portion of your project.

Each section in this document is editable. The changes you make are specific to the document and will not be applied elsewhere. For example, if you click on a line item and adjust the description, this will only impact the document that you're editing - it will not be copied back to the budget. This allows you to make changes tailored to the specific vendor.

When you submit an order, it will enter "draft" mode but still can be edited until sent to the vendor. Creating a vendor order has the special action of adding the "Committed Costs" column to your budget because this is a representation of costs you've committed to be paid out. 

When the details of your order look right, click Send to Vendor on the righthand toolbar. This will send branded PDF copy of your bid request to the vendor at the email listed under "Prepared for." This will also move the request to "pending." Note: If you do not want to send the vendor an email, you can choose to bypass this process. View the actions on the righthand toolbar that allow you to manually control this process. You can move the request to pending or approved. You can also download a PDF copy or print if needed.

When you the order has been approved, go to the vendor order and click Mark as approved from the righthand toolbar. You'll be asked to provide a reason - this can be a short comment about how the order confirmation was received (i.e. approved via email). Vendor bills can now be created directly from the order.