Add files & photos

From photos, to videos, PDFs, spreadsheets, and more, keep your business organized with the Files tool. This tool appears across the site so you can upload files and tie them directly to jobs, customers, vendors, contacts and locations. You’re also provided a general file upload area along the left-hand navigation for company-specific files, like contract licenses or anything else you may want to access on-the-go. 


Let’s take a look at job files. Navigate to the Jobs list, select a job, and choose the Files tab. Click the Upload button and select a file to upload – or pick several at a time. When your files have uploaded, you can choose to adjust the file name or add a description. You can also tag files to organize them and make them easier to locate down the road. Add tags to each individual file or “select all” in the bottom left of the pop-up and choose the tag you’d like to apply.

You can also do this on your phone. Simply open JobTread on your mobile device, navigate to the job, click dashboard, select files, and click to take a photo, video, or upload previously snapped items in your photo library.

You’re provided a default list of tags but this list is completely customizable. Simply click to add a tag, scroll down to Manage File Tags, and make your desired changes. You can also update your tags from the main Files tool along your lefthand toolbar. Click Edit File Tags in the top right of the page. Each tag has a name, description, and assigned color. 

When viewing a set of files, use the tools in the top left to switch the view, filter by file type, or filter by tag. Note: searching for two or more tags will only display the files that include each of the tags you selected.

Note: Files should not exceed 100 MB. JobTread reserves the right to set a maximum storage limit if the feature is abused.