Add cost items

Cost items can be created in your catalog to make estimate building a cinch. Navigate to the Catalog on the lefthand toolbar. Everything you create here can be pulled into your job's budgets. Click + New Cost Item in the top right of the table and you'll be asked to complete a few fields.

The values you enter on this form will act as default values when adding items to your budgets. They are not locked and can be edited on the fly.

Quantity (optional)Default quantity, if desired.
Unit (optional)Unit of measurement, if desired.
CostHow much the item costs you.
PriceHow much you will charge for the item.
MarkupAmount by which the cost of an item is increased to determine the sale price.
MarginSales minus the cost of goods sold.
Do you intend to collect tax on the item?
The name of the cost.
Description (optional)Further details.
Code (optional)Item's cost code (defaults to General if not used).
Type (optional)Type of cost (i.e. material, labor)

Click Create to save the item to your catalog and repeat this process for the other items you'd like to add. Pro-tip: clone items to save time during the catalog building process. Simply click on the name of an existing item, scroll to the bottom of the pop-up, and click Clone this cost item.