Vendor bills

After vendor orders have been fulfilled by vendors, subcontractors, and suppliers, it's time to approve their payment. If you utilized vendor orders to confirm the purchase with the vendor, navigate back to the vendor order and click + Create Vendor Bill on the right side of the page. This will pull the details from your original order into the bill. If you didn't utilize a vendor order, no worries. Simply navigate to the Vendor Bills tab and click New Vendor Bill in the top right. Note: If you prefer a different term than "vendor orders," you can make this change within your org's settings.

Select the vendor for the order. Choosing a vendor will auto-copy the primary contact's details into the form but this can be changed. Submit the form and this will bring you to the document builder. Note: if you do not see the vendor, make sure they've been added to your vendor directory.

Select the items you'd like to include on the bill. If you do not select a budget item, it will not be included in the bill and it will not be visible to the vendor.

Each section in this document is editable. The changes you make are specific to the document and will not be applied elsewhere. For example, if you click on a line item and adjust the description, this will only impact the document that you're editing - it will not be copied back to the budget. This allows you to make changes tailored to the specific vendor.

When everything on the bill looks correct, click Create Bill. This will place the bill in "draft" mode and can still be edited. If you're ready to approve the bill for payment, locate this option on the righthand toolbar. This will lock the details of the bill. When payment is made, select Mark as paid and enter a reason (most often this will be the form of payment). Note: "approve for payment" can be skipped if the payment has already been made.

Approving a vendor bill will update your actual costs and profit on the budget table. Repeat this process for any more vendor bills until your project's completion.