Add vendor contacts

JobTread provides the ability to enter one or many contacts on a given vendor account. These are the vendors, suppliers, and subcontractors that you pay for your material. To begin, click Vendors along the lefthand toolbar, choose a vendor from the list, and select the Contacts tab.

Next, click + New Contact in the top right of the page. Enter the contact's details, including name, title, and any other custom fields you've applied to contacts. When a contact has been added, click their name from the list to view their full details. Click the ••• icon to the right to update their contact information or set (or unset) them as the primary contact of the vendor account. The primary contact is denoted by a yellow star next to their name. Note: the primary contact's information will show by default when sending  bid requests, vendor orders, and vendor bills.

You can also choose to upload files that will be tied to that specific contact. Simply click and drag the files onto the image upload interface, or click Upload Files on the right side of the page to browse your local files.