Add vendor locations

For each vendor account, you can keep track of an unlimited number of locations. This is especially helpful in cases where your vendor may be a national chain (i.e. Home Depot) but you need to denote specific locations. This structure allows you to view, track, and report on vendor interactions at the location level or the account as a whole.

To add a location, click Vendors from the lefthand toolbar, select the Locations tab, then click + New Location in the top right of the table. Enter an address, name, and the primary contact, if you'd like to identify one. Complete any additional custom fields and submit.

You may notice the tax rate on the list of locations. JobTread automatically pulls the local tax rate based on the address. To view more information about a location, select it from the list. Here you'll see basic details, but you can also upload files specific to the location and view jobs that have taken place.