QuickBooks Online

JobTread connects to QuickBooks Online to push over all your finalized invoices and bills. Once setup, this integration will provide a two way sync between JobTread and QuickBooks Online, keeping the status of each document in sync.

In order to integrate, you will need to configure some settings in QuickBooks and JobTread. Continue reading for step-by-step instructions. Note: bills and invoices created prior to the integration will be housed under the Unsynced Records tab. They can be pushed to QuickBooks one by one or in one fell swoop with the Push All option.

Step 1: Connect to QuickBooks

Connect to QuickBooks through Settings -> Integrations. Click the QuickBooks logo under Add New Integration. This will prompt you to sign in to your QuickBooks account and select your organization (if you have more than one). Confirm the changes to link the two systems.

Step 2: Setup your tax agency in QuickBooks

 In order to push documents from JobTread, you must set up a tax agency in QuickBooks.

Step 3: Import and Map JobTread Cost Codes to QuickBooks

The purpose of using QuickBooks Product/Services (aka QuickBooks items) is that they determine where the Income and Costs will be classified and displayed on the QuickBooks Profit & Loss Statement. 

To import these as QuickBooks Products/Services, go to your QuickBooks settings, choose Import Data, and select Product/Services. During this import, you can specify which Income/Expense account you would like to associate with each item (otherwise the defaults will be used).

Lastly, visit the Products/Services Mapping tab within JobTread to map your JobTread cost codes to your newly created QuickBooks Products/Services. Select a default QuickBooks Product/Service then map cost codes to Product/Services. Note: the "Autofill" option will automatically map those with the same name.

Step 4: Enable QuickBooks Classes and Map JobTread Cost Types

In order to better understand your income and costs pushed from JobTread into QuickBooks, we recommend enabling QuickBooks Classes and mapping them to JobTread Cost Types.

Enable class tracking in QuickBooks by visiting account settings (under the advanced tab), enable "Track Classes" in the Categories section. Make sure "assign classes" is set to "One to reach row in transaction." Next, create the classes you would like to track in QuickBooks (Gear -> All Lists -> Classes -> New). Then map JobTread Cost Types to these by visiting the Class Mapping Tab.

Recommended Practices:

Due to QuickBooks restrictions you may not include a colon in your customer, vendor, or location names.

If you issue a credit memo in QuickBooks, offset this with a negative invoice (of the same amount) in JobTread to reflect this loss.

If you have disconnected from QuickBooks, but your integration still appears in JobTread, click here to remove the integration and resolve this issue.