Customer & Vendor Portals

Portals are created when you send documents to customers or vendors. Portals are a series of webpages that provide a place to view documents, accept & sign, leave comments, share files, and more. What the customer or vendor sees depends on the document type. There are five document types in JobTread: bid requests, customer orders (estimates, proposals, change orders), customer invoices, vendor orders (purchase and work orders), and bills.

While on a job, click the New button to package your budget and send it along to a customer or vendor. On the next page, determine which items you’d like to include and click Create at the bottom of the page. This will create a draft that you can customize and tweak before sending. If everything looks good, verify the email listed under the Prepared For section and click Send to Customer (or Vendor). 

Clicking send automatically generates a link for the user to enter the portal system. In the portal, they’ll see your document, along with a host of features including the ability to accept & sign, comment, and upload files. Any of these actions will be made visible on your activity feed in JobTread. Likewise, any comments and file uploads you add on the document will be made visible to the user in the portal. Everything is logged on the activity feed, creating a timeline that can be referenced later, if needed.

A major component of the portal system is eSignatures. No longer are the days of printing PDFs, gathering signatures, and finding a way to save a copy on your computer. eSignatures take this entire process online, creating a cleaner, simpler process for all involved parties. If you choose to require a signature when sending a document, the customer or vendor will be provided the option to sign electronically.

An added benefit of the portal system is that customers and vendors can view other documents you’ve sent them and their related jobs. This is especially useful to the people you most frequently work with because they won’t have to peruse their email to locate a specific document – just click on any link they’ve provided in the past and they will be able to access all items where they’ve been included.