Tasks & Scheduling

From the initial planning phase to project completion, the Tasks tool allows you to track and visualize all of the to-do’s required to complete a job. Start by visiting a job and select the Tasks tab. 

Click New Task, enter the task name, and hit enter on your keyboard to quickly generate a list of tasks. For each task, you can also enter a description, start & end date, and assignee. Assignees can be other members of your organization, or the customers and vendors you're working with.

If you choose to include a date, notice this will populate the Gantt chart view on the right side of the page. The Gantt chart provides a visual representation of your project schedule. Note: you can also add times to your start and end dates for extra specificity.

We certainly understand that these task lists can get long for big projects. Leverage task groups to organize your list and break it into smaller segments. When you add a new task, click Convert to Groupenter the group name, and click Create. Task groups are bolded and display a progress bar for the items under it.


Add new tasks to a group by click and drag. Simply click the up and down arrows next to a task and drag it into the group. The blue line that appears when you click and drag indicates where the task will be moved.  

The next part is easy – mark tasks as complete! Pay special attention to the Gantt chart to see if you’re on schedule.  The current day is highlighted in light blue. All tasks scheduled before the current day will appear as green or red. Green indicates the task is complete while red indicates it’s past due. All upcoming tasks will appear as blue.