Employee Time Tracking

Set Up

Grant access to the time tracking feature by adding your employees as internal JobTread users in your Settings tool. If you have not set up employee roles and permissions yet, follow these steps to identify their level of access before inviting them to the app.

Add employees by clicking the Members tab and then select + Add Internal User.

Once added, click Rates next to each employee’s name to define their rate(s).

Each rate should include the wage plus burden. Calculate employee rates to include:

  • Hourly Wage
  • Taxes (FICA, FUTA, SUTA)
  • Insurance (General Liability Insurance, Worker's Compensation Rate)
  • Other indirect costs (Benefits, Vacation Pay, etc.)

Add any additional rates such as Standard, Overtime, Emergency, Holiday

Time Entry

Employees can clock in and clock out on a mobile device or computer. They simply navigate to JobTread and click the Time Clock icon on the top, right.

Clock In

  1. Select the Job (if applicable)
  2. Select the budget Item associated with the labor (if applicable)
  3. Add Notes if needed
  4. View Tasks assigned to you
  5. Click “Clock In”
  6. You may receive a prompt to allow JobTread to record your GPS coordinates

Complete Tasks

View tasks you are assigned each day based on the job’s schedule. Tasks checked off in your time clock will be reflected in the job’s schedule.

Switch Budget Line Items

Switch the job you are working on or the budget item for your labor if it is associated with a different budget line item (ie. Flooring Demo to Flooring Install) while you are clocked in. Open your time clock by clicking on the blue timer on the top, right. Then click the blue Switch button and select the new job or item. Click Confirm and view your time records below.

Clock Out

Open your time clock by clicking on the blue timer on the top, right. Add shift notes and then click Clock Out.

Manual Entry

If you need to add work time after-the-fact, select the Time tool on the main navigation and then click the + Add button on the top, right. Enter the necessary information then define the start and end time for the work shift.

Time Management

Grant access to users who will manage employee time in the Roles tab within the Settings tool. Follow these steps to designate their level of access.

View time sheets and approve hours through the Time tool in the main navigation. Time entries are color coded with icons:

  • Blue Hammer - Currently Clocked In
  • Yellow Clock - Pending Approval
  • Green Check - Approved

View time entries by status, users, and/or dates using the filters in the top toolbar. Click the download button to export the filtered time entries.

Click on a time entry to view, modify and approve the hours. Scroll down to view the time record and shift notes for the entry and add your own comments for future reference.

Time Reporting

Labor hours and costs will be tracked within each job's budget line items. Navigate to the job’s budget, then select the Job Costing view in the dark grey dropdown menu. The Hours column show the total number of labor hours tracked within each budget line. The Time Cost column displays the total cost of labor based on the hourly rates assigned to each user. By clicking on a time cost cell, you can view each time entry with indicators showing which hours are approved and which are pending approval.

Quickbooks Integration

Transfer labor costs directly from JobTread to Quickbooks Online or Desktop for effortless payroll and accounting. Employees must be mapped in the JobTread Quickbooks Integration Settings. Approved JT Time Entries are created as Time Activities in Quickbooks. If you update an approved Time Entry in JobTread, it will update the Time Activity in Quickbooks. If you unapprove or delete a Time Entry in JobTread, the Time Activity will be deleted in Quickbooks.