File Sharing

Share job files, photos, and videos with internal team members, customers, and/or vendors based on their roles. Those who have access to a file can add comments and view all other comments on that file.

What is a Tag?

Tags are labels you can add to a file. They give you the ability to organize your files and share specific files with internal and external users, based on their role in your organization. User roles that are granted access to a particular tag will be able to see and comment on the files that have that tag. The example below illustrates how tags can be used to share files with different roles.

Creating Tags

Click on Files in your main navigation and then click the Edit File Tags button on the top, right. All of the default file tags and additional tags you have added are listed here. This window also shows user roles that can view files associated with each tag.

Add new tags by clicking the green Create button at the bottom. Add the tag name and a description. Choose a tag color by clicking directly on the color block next to the tag name.

Pro Tip: Tags can be associated with one or multiple user roles. Therefore, try to avoid creating tags for specific users, but rather for types of files (ie. progress photos, receipts, permits, etc.). Then you can assign one tag to multiple user roles.

Assigning Tags to Roles

JobTread gives you the power to customize file sharing by creating and assigning endless file tags for each user role. The best way to define file permissions and assign tags to user roles is in the Settings tool from your main navigation. Click the Roles tab and then select a role.

Locate the Files section and choose whether the user role can view all files or if they can only view files with specific tags. (In either case, the user role will still be limited to the files within the jobs they can access.)

After giving a role access to files with specific tags, click on the text box to Add Tags and select one or multiple tags that the role should be able to access.

Adding a Tag to a File

Navigate to a job and click the Files tab to upload files. In the file upload window, you can change the file name, add a description, click the Add Tags text box next to each file, and select the tags to add. Then click the purple Done button at the bottom.

If uploading multiple files at once, select some or all of them by clicking on the file thumbnails or clicking the blue Select All Files link at the bottom. Then click the text box on the bottom of the window that says Add tag to selected files and select the tag(s) you would like to add to your selected files.

Note: Each file can be assigned multiple tags if you would like to share an individual file with several internal and external user roles. Up to 10 tags can be added per file.