File Management

The File Management System gives you endless options to organize, store, and sort files. You can keep your files organized within each job, as well as view and sort files across all your jobs.

Manage files using the Files tab within each job, customer, or vendor. Alternatively, you can manage files across the entire system using the Files tool in the Main Navigation.

File Sorting

By default, all files will be sorted by the most recently added, as shown in the date uploaded column. Sort the files by clicking the header of any other columns. Clicking once will sort them in ascending order while clicking a second time will sort them in descending order.

File Search

Use the search tools on the top of the page to filter the files by timeline, specific dates, or to search files by name, job, customer, vendor, location, document, and more. Change to a thumbnail grid view by clicking the grid icon next to the search tools.

File Filtering

Each file has several characteristics that can be used when filtering such as the job, customer, vendor, or location it is associated with as well as the type of file or the tags used with the file.

  • View all files associated with a specific customer, vendor, location, job, or just the general organization by selecting one of these folders in the toolbar.
  • In other file storage systems, you might store files in folders. In JobTread, you use tags to organize your files. Tags are like folders, but with a twist - you can apply several tags to a file, then later find the file by clicking any of its tags from the file management system.
  • Filtering by file type gives you the ability to view all images, videos, PDF files, and other files at once.

Continue selecting more filter tags and types to further narrow down the files in your list. For example, if you are looking for a photo of a completed kitchen that you shared with any customer, you can filter the files using the following tags: Completion, Kitchen, Customer. The sequence of filters you select will be shown in blue text at the bottom of the File Management System.

File Editing

Click on the name of any file in the list to open a preview of the file. Within this drawer, you can edit file tags, download the file, copy the file link, and add comments to the file. The archive button can be used to delete the file.

Mass Editing

You have the option to add tags, download, or delete multiple files at once. Use the checkboxes next to the file names to select the files you would like to edit. Clicking the empty checkbox in the table heading will select all files within the applied filters. A drawer will open with options to edit file tags, download the files, and archive the files to delete them.

Pro Tip: To select a range, select one file and then while holding down the Shift key, click another file. This will select all files in between the two selected files. To select non-adjacent cells, hold Ctrl and click the individual files.

Uploading Files

You can upload files using the Upload button and assigning tags. Or you can drag and drop a file directly on the File Managment System screen and then assign tags. Files can be uploaded one at a time or multiple at once by selecting multiple files when adding them to the system.

If you would like to add files to a specific job, customer, vendor, or location, click on the desired filter first. Then the files will be added to the filtered area. Also, if you add files while you are using a tag filter, the files will automatically be added to the system with the same tags.